20+ portfolio companies with focus on energy (mainly O&G tech), robotics, IoT and advanced software.

ADL Completions

Alexander Kashlev

  • CEO at ADL

"We made multilateral completion on land economical, something that did not exist before us. Now our customers around a globe benefit from 30% new well cost reduction and extend life of old wells"


Victor Lysenko

  • CEO at Osome

"We create our services to help business owners get rid of routine and paper burdens"

UVL Robotics

Evgeniy Grankin

  • CEO at UVL Robotics

"We are providing drone logistics services, including inventory stock taking and air delivery, for Fortune 1000 companies"


Ilya Lyagov

  • CEO at Perfobur

"We are providing new life to existing wells by increasing the reservoir contact through mechanically drilled radial laterals and reactive chemistry"

Mel Science

Vassili Philippov

  • CEO at Mel Science

"Our educational startup is focused on early science education with a combination of up-to date VR/AR technologies and hands-on experience"

Tota Systems

Andrey Arbuzov

  • CTO at Tota Systems

"We provide powerful reservoir management and production optimization platform by leveraging proprietary intelligent completion systems and AI-powered software"


  • Wireless sensors for smart grid

Vasiliy Kislitsyn

  • CEO at RFSens

"Our team develops Industrial IOT platform on proprietary wireless SAW sensors, able to perform real-time grid predictive maintenance"

Lex Submersible Pumps

Anton Shakirov

  • CEO at Lex

"We offer ESPs of 12,000+ rpm and PMM motors for conventional and unconventional wells and believe that the future of the industry is in high-speed and small-sized ESPs"


Sergey Stishenko

  • CEO at Geonaft

"Being a technology expert in geosteering, geomechanics and petrophysics, we provide integrated and modular software solutions and perform services of remote drilling support"


Andrey Malyugin

  • CTO at Axel

"Our goal is to improve oil-drilling telemetry around the world through the use of cutting-edge technology and liberate our customers by giving them independent modular tools to construct their dream rig"


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Investment team with 20+ years experience in digital and energy industry, operating in North America, MidEast, Russia/CIS, SEA.

Petr Lukyanov

Managing Partner

10 years in VC industry as investor, fund manager, bizdev leader. Founder at Phystech Ventures. Ex-Skolkovo, Ruvento, IFTI.

Saad Bargach

Managing Partner

26 years at Schlumberger as head of global completion, directional drilling, CIO, followed by MD position at Lime Rock Partners.

Ivan Protopopov

Managing Partner

7 years in VC industry as fund manager, advisor. Partner at North Energy Ventures, ex-CEO of Atom Partners with $30m+ in deals.

Vasily Larionov

Managing Partner

15 years with Fortune 500 majors, 10 years in global senior leadership roles (Schlumberger, Baker etc.) 5 years in O&G capitals: Aberdeen, Stavanger, Houston.

Daniel Shaposhnikov

Managing Partner

10 years as VC investor and entrepreneur. Partner at North Energy Ventures. Ex- IFTI, Foresight VC, Synergy VC. Co-founder of AT Energy.

Pavel Mazitov

Managing Partner

8 years in business acceleration & executive search for hi-tech companies. 5 years in VC industry as investor & bizdev leader. Partner at North Energy Ventures.