Our team unites
5 nationalities and
3 countries
Saad Bargach

Investor and c-level executive at Lime Rock Partners and Schlumberger since 2004.

Climate Tech
Heba Filobbos

Energy industry professional since 2003 at Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Schlumberger.

Lee Dolman

Tech acquisition and development lead at Oilserv since 2013.

Climate Tech
Peter Luke

Investor in deeptech since 2013 at PVC. Founder at The Editing (CRISPR).

Life Sciences
Paul Masitow

Headhunter since 2010 at TopContact and North Energy Ventures.

Daniel Colbert

Investor in climate tech since 2004 at NGEN and Wermuth. Founder at Carbon Nanotech (acquired by Unidym).

Julia Chuley

Molecular biologist at the University of Toronto and Marlin Biotech since 2014.

Life Sciences
Ed Kanalosh

Investor in biotech since 2008 with Global Growth Holdings and WeFund Health.

Life Sciences
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