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ZeroAvia logotype
ZeroAvia is the world leader in zero-emission, H2-powered aviation. Founded by Val Miftakhov (ex-CEO of eMotorWerks, sold to Enel for $200M+), and backed by both Amazon and Breakthrough EV.
The Editing
The Editing logotype
The Editing develops compact gene editing tools based on CRISPR/Cas effectors and cell natural proteins
AREVO logotype
AREVO is a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, with a focus on printing large-format, continuous carbon fiber parts. AREVO printers are hosted on a 6-axis industrial robot, with a rotating build table. This enables build volumes of 1 cubic meter, and the highest strength possible for printed materials.
Osome logotype
Osome provides AI-powered back-office services to enterprises in Singapore, the UK, and Hong Kong, utilizing its AI bots to carry out registration, accounting, and taxation. The company currently has 3,600 paying customers.
HyPoint logotype
A pioneer in hydrogen fuel cells, Hypoint is producing the next generation energy systems (100+ kW) for air mobility, with its cells achieving 5x higher energy density compared to batteries.
Car.O.L. logotype
Car.O.L. is an AI-powered exercise bike delivering next-level weight loss results, through the first-ever practical and accessible implementation of REHIT-based protocols.
Welldone logotype
Welldone is a plant-based meat producer with strong R&D and sourcing in Russia They are currently the national leader in plant-based meat, serving a market of 140M+ people.
Perfobore logotype
Perfobore is the creator of a mechanical radial drilling technology with the ability to re-enter the laterals. This offers a 5x cost reduction compared to sidetracking in both oil and gas wells.
Tortuga Logic
Tortuga Logic logotype
Tortuga is a hardware security company that identifies vulnerabilities in chip designs. They are currently engaged with Tier 1 semiconductor and aerospace сlients, and have raised $2 million in funding from Eclipse.VC.
Lex logotype
Lex is a producer of ultra-high-speed ESPs (12,000+ RPM) with clients in 5 continents incl. Shell, Eni, OMV and Perenco.
krtkl logotype
Krtkl’s FPGA framework offers solutions to several key Edge AI challenges such as compute performance and data overload. FPGA majors Xilinx and Mouser are partners and distributors.
UVL Robotics
UVL Robotics logotype
UVL is a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics and warehouse inventory services.Its core customers are 3PL, FMCG and e-commerce companies, including Kuehne + Nagel, FM Logistics, Oman Post, and PepsiCo.
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