Stars that
have risen
ID Quantique
Acquired by SK Telecom

Dr. Grégoire Ribordy and Prof. Nicolas Gisin from the University of Geneva built a market-leading technology in quantum-safe network encryption. The company was subsequently acquired by SK Telecom.

RRT Global
Acquired by KBR

RRT, led by Doug Harris (ex BP) with R&D team in St. Pete developed a revolutionary catalytic distillation technology to produce clean Euro 5/6 gasoline at a 3x less CAPEX and 5x less energy cost. The company was later acquired by a global energy major KBR.

Coda Devices
Acquired by Thorlabs

Coda Devices has brought the Duke University coded aperture technology invented by Professor David Brady to the industrial scale and revolutionized the world of Raman spectroscopy, that resulted in the company’s acquisition by a global major in photonics — Thorlabs.

Acquired by Yadro

Syntacore, founded by two Intel alumni, has disrupted the computer industry by bringing among the first the commercial RISC-V IP cores to the market. The company was later acquired by Yadro, part of the USM group.


Spitch, a Swiss-based voice AI startup, was able to introduce its products in 8+ EU counties, got recognised by Gartner and became a gold standard for Swisscom, Michelin and many others. We have exited during the buyback.

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